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Moving to Chicago was a large pain, but I have to say well worth it. So amazingly happy to be out of Atlanta, I was just done with the city. We are still unpacking like crazy, but so far the adventures in Chicago have been great. A new city , a new year.

We had fun

Well I am close to being done with my new "Saltillo" album "Ganglion" which is coming out on Hive/Suspicious Records ( http://www.hiverecords.com ) in the 1st quarter of 2006. You can hear a sample of the record on the Suspicious MySpace profile ( http://www.myspace.com/suspiciousrecs ). Would love to know what any of you think.

Here is the cover.

I present to you "Scholar" , he will over throw "Earl the Squirrel's" evil xmas plans. To those that understand what a threat "Earl the Squirrel's" plans are, Scholar is your hero .... worship as you will.

Here is a quote from him I got when he allowed me to interview him, a rare thing as he is VERY busy working to save the world from the Evil Earl. He said and I quote, " Game on"


I had the extreme pleasure of working with Feisty Diva this weekend, and I have to say she is truly a amazing model and stylist ! She was on time, nice as hell, her make up was amazing and the clothes she brought ( that SHE MADE !!! ) were extraordinary ! The amount of talent is staggering.

Model: Alanah Josephine Reed

A new gallery we uploaded to the isobel site, would love to know any of your thoughts.


You can see the full gallery at isobelmarion.com
Model : Isobel Marion
Make up : Ella

Model : Alanah Josephine Reed
Makeup : Ella

Darenzia is a nice !

Thanks for your comments on the galley of mine you posted.

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